Fitness Tips For Women For Your Pinterest Board

You know all the fitness tips for women but your body is still struggling to get moving. It’s ok…everyone gets stuck sometimes. Maybe what you need is a bit of fitspo -you know fit inspiration, to get you started again. Motivating yourself with powerful positive thoughts and words can do wonders for your motivation to get out there and pump out an amazing work out.

If you’re stuck for sources of fitspo, check out our collection of inspiration and fitness tips for women that are worth saving to your Pinterest board and looking at over and over again.

On days you think just can’t go on any more…

Fitness tips for women

On days the haters don’t understand why working hard is so damn important…

fitness tips for women 2

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BUSTED – 3 Myths About Fitness For Women

Fad diets, quick fixes and fitness myths. What is it about fitness for women that makes some trends and misconceptions so persistently stick around? There sure is a lot of misinformation out there – enough to confuse even the smartest of women on what works (and what doesn’t) for building a strong, healthy (and sexy) body.

Here’s the lowdown on the top three myths surrounding fitness for women –

The Myth: Strength Training Will Make Me Bulky

Us girls, we don’t want to look like a dude in a dress. So, we avoid weight training like a bad cliche in a rom com.

Fitness for women - female bodybuilder

The Truth

Girls, girls, girls – do yourself a favour and make friends with those dumbbells next time you’re in the gym. Women avoid pumping iron most commonly because “I don’t want to bulk up”. But trust me when I say you will not turn into She-Man by incorporating resistance training into your training regimen.

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photo by: cliff1066™